tisdag 7 juni 2011

Arbeitslos. A year and a half ago I couldn´t draw hands. I was afraid of hands, I planned my drawings so I could avoid showing hands. Hands can be hidden behind a lot of different things. A bulky bag, a cup of coffee, a plant... When I was asked to illustrate an article on the new German labour- and social security policy, making it more and more difficult to live on unemployment benefit and forcing people to move if they can´t get at job near their home, I got the idea of a giant hand moving the lives of the unemployed. Not only a hand. But a giant hand.

I´m not (too) afraid anymore. Last summer I attended summer art classes where Karl-Julius Mattas held hilarious croquis-sessions with two live models. It was one of those summer university events that gather a bunch of happy-looking ladies and the odd bearded biology teacher, but the teaching process was really outstanding. In fifteen seconds you don´t have time to think, you just draw. You forget about how you think something should look and see it how it actually is.

Like this. All these are 15 second croquis. This was really good therapy for me and my no. 0 tiny details brush. The main task during the three day art class was to make a color study in oil (not my medium, drying takes ages and preparing even to start painting at least half an hour. Not to mention the cleaning up and what to do with all that expensive paint that´s going to dry up if I don´t use it...)  Three days. One painting. One pose. (The models must have gotten so bored of this pose). I will post the oil here as well but must be honest, there´s so much more life and motion to the croquis. No fight here on which one will end up in frames the day I get to it. But here we go:


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  1. Ja händer är inte lätt att få till. Men nu kan du, och snyggt blev det! Gillar också din oljemålning här, och förstås fjärilarna...de är för härliga!

  2. Tack Jenny! Fjärilarna är från Hbl:s sommarbilaga, ska lägga ut något om dem senare. Thank you, one of my two readers:-)