fredag 10 juni 2011

Back to basics. It´s hot and sunny in Helsinki, and people gather in parks. I got myself a new sketchbook and a graphite pencil and sat down in Ruttopuisto in central Helsinki. Drawing people without them noticing (or if they notice without them being offended) is a bit tricky. I haven´t had time to do this in years but I remember I used to give the sketch to the person I drew if he or she noticed my intruding in their private sphere. This old lady was turning her face to the sun. She left before I was ready, I would have liked to draw her face as well, she looked so relaxed and happy. We had a six month winter here, and the summer is more than welcome.

I have come up with the idea for my Monday drawing. This week a report was published that explained why Sweden is so much better at most things than Finland. We knew this already: they dress better, their homes look fabulous, they can build brands like Ikea and H&M, produce music that sells all over the world. And when they win in sports they are very happy and positive, and when they loose they don´t spit on the team or country that lost. This is not good for the finns self esteem. So when we, and it happens rarely, win Sweden in something, we really want to rub it in. So, I sketched a "congratulations Sweden" cake with evil litlle Finns celebrating our neighbours success in a civil way. The princess cake is, for me, a symbol for Sweden. It´s filled with cream, raspberry jam and vanilla sauce, and covered in green marsipan. When Finns bake a cake they blend bark into the dough and decorate with barb wire. Which one do you think I should work on to the final one?

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