tisdag 14 juni 2011

Fear of printing. Some mornings I fear to open the newspaper. This morning was one of those mornings. The process printers output on thin and soft paper is difficult to predict. Usually it´s fine, sometimes fantastic, and somethimes there´s a 1-2 mm gap between the different cmyk-colours. Comic strips are black and white for a reason. One colour, its´s not so difficult. The moment you add another colour to a drawing it´s a risk. Today I was happy, this illustration on the Zeitgeist-movement printed all right, and the colours were quite close to the original.

Reusing or stealing. When I got the idea for the illustration above, I knew I wanted to draw a mother earth who was patching the planet. So I googled for women sewing. Thomas Coutures Jeune Femme Cousant (Young Woman Sewing) from 1870 was what I was looking for, a madonna-like woman in the exact right pose. I don´t know much about this artist or the painting, but it seems to be an often reproduced painting. You can order a copy of the original, hand painted in China, for a few hundred dollars. So is what I am doing, using the painting as inspiration and help, any better than those making money selling copies of an masterpiece? The movie Certified Copy is about art copies, and one of the main characters states that all copies of a certain piece of art only make the value of the original greater, so every rip off of Mona Lisa becomes one of the reasons people queue for hours to see it at the Louvre. It is what makes certain pieces iconic. Well, I would never buy a "original copy" of anything, but I like using references to iconic pictures. Someone might notice it, someone might think it looks familiar, but most won´t notice at all.

Talking about inspiration. I just noticed there´s a tiny similarity in this illustration and the amazing red dress by Aamu Song. 

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