onsdag 8 juni 2011

Layers of paint. I tried to create a slideshow in Iphoto, but it became all foggy. Sorry about that, I´ll show what I intended in a ordinary photo instead. This is a detail of a bigger painting, and I took photos of every stage. I did this hoping to see where I go wrong. I tend to overwork my paintings, and just the minute they look good in my eyes a voice in my head (shut up!) me tells me to work on it some more, and there it is, destroyed. I like to leave some parts a bit unworked, here the water and the "roof" of the reed. I´m not completely happy with this, but I like the way layers come together. Sadly, picture nr 2 looks the best. And when using real paint there is no undo-command. That´s part of the charm, but sometimes, when I have worked five hours or so on a picture, I wish there was.

I used art masking fluid (latex) on the butterflies and the water lillies. In the end of the process I rub it off. It´s practical, but it damages the paper under it a bit, so using it on big areas you want to paint something else on is not a good idea. Unless you like paper that is damaged and absorbs color in a different way, it might be a nice effect...

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