fredag 17 juni 2011

Salt&sails. I´ve noticed that I have a few readers. Who are you? Whoever you are, I hope you like sail boats. Last spirng the owner of Skafferi, a small tea&coffe&all good things-shop in Porvoo, asked me to draw a label for her sailor´s tea. It´s a tea with small sail boats made of sugar in it. 

I don´t know much about sailing boats, but there is a small harbor close to where we live. In the winter, when the boats are stored on shore, I´m always amazed of the shape and size of the part of the boat that is under water. It was quite easy to find blueprints of these sailboats. I picked the ones I thought had the most beautiful shapes. The first from the left is a popular folka-boat, followed by a boat called LM Mermaid, and the unfinished one is called Hai (finnish for Shark). But, when I tried out these on a label they looked too static. I wanted to have some sea, salt, wind and waves in it too. I got a book with black and white photographs from 1920´s and 1930´s sailing competitions, and based on those photo´s I drew this:

And this is how it looks in the store:

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