måndag 25 juli 2011

The curse of Adam. This Monday´s column illustration is a comment on this story on a statistical correlation between gross domestic product and penile length. It´s just too convenient. Nothing a man is, does, thinks or creates really matters, when everything is predestined by creation. Or?

I learned some interesting things about the original Michelangelo fresco when painting this rip off. There Adam is a living creature of flesh and bone, but what he is given here by God is his soul. So what if, during this  very important process, he suddenly notices his penis and gets scared of what its size might mean to the future of his nations economy. What would an interrupted creation mean to the future of man? I didn´t want to change too many details, it´s just the position of the head and expression of his face that are altered. I´m not quite sure if it could be seen in the small printed format. This is something Michelangelo had to consider too, what he painted high up in the ceiling had to be visible and clear to someone looking at it from the ground. Four years up there, imagine that.

The figures are of course clumsy in comparison but I am pleased with how the background turned out. To create the look of fresco painting I first painted with thick layers of water colour, then let it dry, soaked it again and wiped away most of the paint. (I use Hahnem ules Bamboo paper, it´s not rough, but it has a texture) I painted the cracks last, and made them more visible than in the photo I used as reference. The composition is not an exact copy, because I drew it in pencil just looking at the reference.

Here, the sketch. The measuring guy was too difficult for me to draw in perspective to the fresco in the ceiling.

I thought this Monday´s column would be left out because of the massacre in Norway (it sits on the first news page in a set spot). But it wasn´t. Last weeks odd news story seems so irrelevant today. 

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