torsdag 7 juli 2011

My dear readers in India. Completely new to the blogging world, I really enjoy checking the stats (instead of doing something creative). Today, after a day in real life I noticed that three people from India have visited my blog. I did have someone from Pakistan popping in the other day, but I figured out it must have been a the husband of my relative. But India, I don´t know anyone there. So who are you? For the three first people, preferably from India but I´m not picky, who send me an e-mail or drop a comment, I promise to send a 14x14 cm print card of the picture above. It has absolutely nothing to do with India, but who cares. This is one of the paintings that I have made that I actually like, even a few months after painting it. I´m pleased with the colors and the details, but, someone might notice that some of the shadows are completely wrong.

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