söndag 17 juli 2011

Radio. Sommarprat (Summer talk) is a radio format in Sweden and Finland, and this is Andrea Svanbäcks article in today´s Hbl about the popular format. Working also as a layout journalist, I like knowing exactly how an illustration will be placed on a spread and work it from there, and here it was possible, thank´s to my boss. She did the layout, and I specially like the way the text runs around the antenna. I have experimented with an image of a perfect beach earlier, when I was painting a present to a childs christening. Here´s a first version of that:

The final version had only one child and the name of the baby was written in the sand. This is the perfect moment, kids are playing, everything is just fine. (It´s the moment before one of the kids poops in his pants and the other one eats a handful of sand).

I have been to a relatives summer home this weekend. It´s a house full of objects that just ended there, generations of the same family have collected odd items, and its´all there in a charming mix. Every time I go into a room I see something I didn´t notice before. And everything has a story. Some are forgotten. I decided to pick one of these objects, and try to paint it in water color as it is. I wanted to make it look super real, like it could be picked up and turned around, just like all the things in this house. This peacock feather was sitting on the mantle piece, and it looked like a challenge. The painting I made is now sitting there beside it, adding to the layers of objects.

Notice also the candle holder made of horns of some animal (maybe reindeer?). Seen anything like that before?

The problem with super realistic is that every error is visible... The individual feathers really look more like flowing hair, than stiff sticks like they look here. 

I think I just have to walk this path and learn what I can, then go back to something more simple.

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  1. Vilken snygg fjäder du målat! Kul att ha målningen bredvid originalet. Och så gillar jag ju förstås den med ungarna. ;)