tisdag 26 juli 2011

Testing, testing. Yesterday I bought the Rolls Royce of brushes, a Winsor&Newton Series 7, size 00 (in the picture on the right hand side). The price was nearly 15 euros, which is way more than I usually pay for a small brush. It´s hand made in England (by neat old ladies the art shop guy told me), it´s made of finest sable. I was told artists usually can´t afford it, he sells it mostly to model makers who paint details with it. I have another sable brush in the same size, a very nice one from Tempera (left in the picture). I don´t know the price because I got it as a present. 

In this little test I used the same gouache colur and tested the lines and how much paint the brush holds until the line breaks. Both brushes are good, but the series 7 seems to hold a bit more paint. After this comparison I painted for about four hours getting to know my new tool, and I like it. Very smooth and reliable. But then again, every new brush of good quality is. My old detail brush has been in good use for maybe a year, and its´ still going strong. Taking care of the tools is important, washing them properly and drying them flat.

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