tisdag 16 augusti 2011

Goodbye weekly agony

Last one. Finally I can read the newspaper in peace again, without hunting for a story to build the weekly illustration around. I´m on vacation, so you will have to do with just a photo of the page, along with my terrible photoshopping skills.

What I have learned: 
1. It´s difficult to be funny. My jokes need too much explanation. I´m a dull person. Actually I hate jokes. No more jokes for me. 
2. It´s difficult to be consistent in style and colour. When I did the first illustration for this column I thought I would keep that style. Make the illustrations a series that belong together. No success there. Some belong, some are from a different planet.
3. Good ideas make me happy. Sometimes the ideas came easily, and they were easy to complete. One sketch and just one completed color illustration. 

I´ve been to Oslo and walked around the Vigeland park. Ohlalaa, I wish I had time to sit down sketching there. Rain on the way and my kids trying to climb the statues (and loudly commenting on the male statues penises) made that impossible. One thing was weird about the statues. Even though they are stylized and not totally realistic, the male organs are visible and detailed. But not the female. The bottoms of the female statues looked like the bottoms of a Moomin troll. 

The photo is from the Vigeland park official website.

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