måndag 1 augusti 2011

Shit happens. The Baltic sea has severe health issues due to nutrients from agriculture and disposal of untreated human waste (read: shit). Now, when the weather is warm the water turns green from toxic algae (called algae but actually cyano bakteria) and the kids can´t swim. The countries around the Baltic have put millions into building sewage cleaning facilities in for example St. Petersburg, and the farmers are payed extra for actions to minimize the amount of nutrients that flow to the sea. There is one business though that profits from this beautiful sea, but still dumps the sewage in it, and it´s the cruise ships. It´s FREE to leave the sewage water in Stockholm and Helsinki, but about half of the international cruising ships choose to pee in the sea. As long as all ports can´t offer this service, the cruise ships are allowed to dump sewage.

Living and farming are essential activities. But cruising around in a big white boat sipping drinks is not. So if you are planning on buying a ticket to a cruise in the Baltic sea, please ask how your ship handles sewage. When on your trip, take your cosmopolitan to the capitains table and ask him/her. If you get an ignorant glance, hold a speech for the whole restaurant and tell everyone about this problem. Maybe then things will change, because the laws and regulations come really slowly, if ever, in this matter.

Thank you for your time.

Wondering what the viking ship is doing in the picture? Some history nerds in the Åland islands are going to build a viking ship (to go with their viking village in Saltvik), that was the odd news story I based this illustration on. I guess the vikings peed in the sea as well, but the sea was so much cleaner back then. It breaks my heart to even think about it. Clear water. Healthy fish. No radioactive cesium in the sea bed. It´s really a shame what we have done to our sea in just a few decades. Shame on us.

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