måndag 12 september 2011

Apps and special offers

App industry. I don´t own a smart phone, only a dumb phone I can use to make phone calls and write short messages. When researching (smart for googling and talking to the guy writing the story) for this illustration I found out there are applications that make your phone a mushroom guide, a bank, a newspaper or a friend who knows the name of the song you are humming. 

Here´s the whole thing. The illustration frames the spread, text and graphics go in the middle. Published in Hbl today.

And hear: the Monday illustration is back. Now only once every two weeks, a fact I´m thankful for. This time I picked a story on policemen getting special offers on coffee and pastries. 

The bun is shaped like the police force logo (This explanation is for my readers in India and Oman). There´s something wrong with the perspective, the lions head should be shorter. Maybe nobody will notice (part 323).

I´ve painted pastries before, here for a tea label for Skafferi. Here the perspective works. Tiny, essential difference.

This is how it looks in the store.

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