onsdag 14 september 2011

Vigeland again

White on black. Never let me loose at the paper department. Today I found a black sketchbook and finally a white pen that has a good flow and dries quickly (Sakura Deco white for 2,20 e for the interested few). Such a big difference to just black on white. I had no ideas of my own today, so I sketched some details of the Monolith at Vigeland park in Oslo. Also I bought LetrasetAqua Markers, which were a big disappointment. They are just basic felt pencils, no matter what it says on the package about watercolour and good pigments. I was looking for something to colour with easily at work so I wouldn´t have to have water around. The kids will love them, so no harm done.

The white on black is definitely good for me because I have to draw fast and I can´t smudge on the details forever. Will use it again.

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