måndag 24 oktober 2011


Greece again. For once, I don´t think I need to explain my Monday illustration, not even to my readers in Oman, India or South Africa. I used water colour (with lots of water) for the background, and when it had dried I used my fantastic new ink pen/brush to do the black outlines. Now when I look at it I could have left out the lasso, the crumbling ancient greek pattern would have been enough. The figure is adapted from an ancient greek painting with many runners.

torsdag 20 oktober 2011

Object with a personality

Tied up. On a very busy day I tried to collect my thoughts to illustrate a book review on Mikael Jungners  book Toimistokuukkeli. The author is a former public radio ceo, now politician, and the book is on leadership (toimisto=office, kuukkeli=a weird bird). Above is my first go at the subject. Not very pleased with how it looks, there are too many elements. But I got the idea of making the ties into birds and used it in the final version:

I specially like the way the brown tie looks, so left out of the office plots. That´s me, I never know what´s going on ...

A week ago I went to the art supplies shop JUST TO BUY A SIMPLE CHALK. One, white, basic (for the facebook-illustration). All the way through the shop I made it, but at the counter, when I was off guard, they got to me. While waiting I picked up a special pen on display, noticed that it was in fact a brush with a ink container. Tried it, and it made perfect thin AND thick lines. Now it´s mine. I´ve had problems with my outlines disappearing a bit in printing, but this time, with this pencil/brush, it turned out better. I´m not a friend of outlines, it looks cartoonlike and not me at all, but with this paper and this output it´s better to be safe than sorry.

måndag 17 oktober 2011

Teachers on facebook

Friends or not. Can a teacher have pupils as friends on facebook? And how does it feel for a teacher to follow every step of their pupils private life? Three teachers reveal their facebook strategies in todays Hbl. While facebook is a subject we have written so much about lately, it´s difficult to find a new angle for illustration. My knots opened a bit when I found a painting by Nicoletta Ceccoli called Katerine, you can see it in her portfolio. The version above is the first test, but it´s too much of a rip off. The final version looks like this:

It´s drawn with a white gel pencil on the packaging of a wacom board. (Which is a real joke: the packaging is five or six times bigger than the actual product!) First version on the smooth side, the other two on the reverse, slightly rougher side.

I applied these images to a photo of a green chalkboard. So the end result is not as black as it looks here.

tisdag 11 oktober 2011

Lovely – scary

Today´s find is Nicoletta Ceccoli. I don´t know what to think of her style. Wonderful or scary? Or both? Here you can flip through her books. Her book The Girl in the Castle Inside the Museum is on its way to me, me, me. (I might read it to the kids too if they ask nicely).

Edit: I got the book and was both delighted and a bit disappointed. Some images, for example the cover, have heavy photoshop blurs, or something that looked like it. I don´t know why you would spoil beautiful paintings with cheap effects like that. All in all: the layout is beautiful, there is not too much text, and the images follow the text perfectly. The children in the book look animal-like, there´s something with the position of the eyes so far apart that do it. And they all look like they are about to cry any minute, the eyes are kind of flowing over.

måndag 10 oktober 2011

Climate change agony meets Barbie

Busy day. How do people react when they realize the effects their daily life has on climate change? Some choose to ignore it, and some turn into save-the-planet-one-diaper-a-day-preachers. This illustration is for a feature on climate psychology in today´s Hbl.

It´s also time for my Monday illustration. This time I got to draw Barbie as a environment activist, after Mattel promised to use less rainforest  fibers in the popular doll´s packaging. Oh, all that hair, and all those memories. I loved my one and only Barbie doll like nothing else. No matter the beauty ideals she set for me were quite impossible: I was brown haired, short, on the chubby side and freckled. And my hair would never grow longer than to my shoulders. What agony for a 12-yearold.

söndag 9 oktober 2011


It´s my pig! This lovely piglet illustrates a book review on something called bookonomy. The economy of reading is different from al other economies, it´s difficult to define it´s value for the reader. This is the final version, published in Hbl today (without a illustrator byline, a fair revenge for all the times I, when working with layout, displaced other illustrators or photographers bylines. I get it, it hurts, I´m sorry).

Here, the first version with a background that looks like an explosion of green. I love green, but this was too much. I tried to wash some of it away but it only got more horrible. So I started over.

I left facebook some weeks ago. Since I can´t push my blog updates there anymore my reader stats have reduced to almost nothing. BUT, you, the readers who find my blog now, are special. You were googling for something I have written about (female agony or male natural statues...), and you are propably more interested in what I write than my facebookfriends. After leaving fb I have more time for painting. I like that newly found time.

onsdag 5 oktober 2011

Plate du jour

Dinner is served. For quite some time I tried to figure out how to photoshop these faces onto pictures of plates, when I gave up and painted them directly on real plates instead. Plain, quite thick gouache works just fine. And it can be washed away easily afterwards. Which is nice because these are nicked from the coffee room...

söndag 2 oktober 2011

Thank you allotment

Look what I have grown! It´s truly amazing how much fantastic food a small allotment of 10 by 10 meters can produce. This summer we have eaten our own potatoes, raspberries, tomatoes, cucumbers, peas, beans, corn, beetroot, onions, herbs and salad. This is the last harvest: three different kinds of pumpkin or squash. 

lördag 1 oktober 2011