söndag 9 oktober 2011


It´s my pig! This lovely piglet illustrates a book review on something called bookonomy. The economy of reading is different from al other economies, it´s difficult to define it´s value for the reader. This is the final version, published in Hbl today (without a illustrator byline, a fair revenge for all the times I, when working with layout, displaced other illustrators or photographers bylines. I get it, it hurts, I´m sorry).

Here, the first version with a background that looks like an explosion of green. I love green, but this was too much. I tried to wash some of it away but it only got more horrible. So I started over.

I left facebook some weeks ago. Since I can´t push my blog updates there anymore my reader stats have reduced to almost nothing. BUT, you, the readers who find my blog now, are special. You were googling for something I have written about (female agony or male natural statues...), and you are propably more interested in what I write than my facebookfriends. After leaving fb I have more time for painting. I like that newly found time.

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  1. Ihanaa! On välillä tuntunut siltä että kirjoittelee ihan itsekseen, mutta sitten tänne on pamahtanut joku lukija Intiasta tai Puolasta. Tai Ruotsista.