måndag 10 oktober 2011

Climate change agony meets Barbie

Busy day. How do people react when they realize the effects their daily life has on climate change? Some choose to ignore it, and some turn into save-the-planet-one-diaper-a-day-preachers. This illustration is for a feature on climate psychology in today´s Hbl.

It´s also time for my Monday illustration. This time I got to draw Barbie as a environment activist, after Mattel promised to use less rainforest  fibers in the popular doll´s packaging. Oh, all that hair, and all those memories. I loved my one and only Barbie doll like nothing else. No matter the beauty ideals she set for me were quite impossible: I was brown haired, short, on the chubby side and freckled. And my hair would never grow longer than to my shoulders. What agony for a 12-yearold.

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