torsdag 20 oktober 2011

Object with a personality

Tied up. On a very busy day I tried to collect my thoughts to illustrate a book review on Mikael Jungners  book Toimistokuukkeli. The author is a former public radio ceo, now politician, and the book is on leadership (toimisto=office, kuukkeli=a weird bird). Above is my first go at the subject. Not very pleased with how it looks, there are too many elements. But I got the idea of making the ties into birds and used it in the final version:

I specially like the way the brown tie looks, so left out of the office plots. That´s me, I never know what´s going on ...

A week ago I went to the art supplies shop JUST TO BUY A SIMPLE CHALK. One, white, basic (for the facebook-illustration). All the way through the shop I made it, but at the counter, when I was off guard, they got to me. While waiting I picked up a special pen on display, noticed that it was in fact a brush with a ink container. Tried it, and it made perfect thin AND thick lines. Now it´s mine. I´ve had problems with my outlines disappearing a bit in printing, but this time, with this pencil/brush, it turned out better. I´m not a friend of outlines, it looks cartoonlike and not me at all, but with this paper and this output it´s better to be safe than sorry.

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