måndag 17 oktober 2011

Teachers on facebook

Friends or not. Can a teacher have pupils as friends on facebook? And how does it feel for a teacher to follow every step of their pupils private life? Three teachers reveal their facebook strategies in todays Hbl. While facebook is a subject we have written so much about lately, it´s difficult to find a new angle for illustration. My knots opened a bit when I found a painting by Nicoletta Ceccoli called Katerine, you can see it in her portfolio. The version above is the first test, but it´s too much of a rip off. The final version looks like this:

It´s drawn with a white gel pencil on the packaging of a wacom board. (Which is a real joke: the packaging is five or six times bigger than the actual product!) First version on the smooth side, the other two on the reverse, slightly rougher side.

I applied these images to a photo of a green chalkboard. So the end result is not as black as it looks here.

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