tisdag 11 oktober 2011

Lovely – scary

Today´s find is Nicoletta Ceccoli. I don´t know what to think of her style. Wonderful or scary? Or both? Here you can flip through her books. Her book The Girl in the Castle Inside the Museum is on its way to me, me, me. (I might read it to the kids too if they ask nicely).

Edit: I got the book and was both delighted and a bit disappointed. Some images, for example the cover, have heavy photoshop blurs, or something that looked like it. I don´t know why you would spoil beautiful paintings with cheap effects like that. All in all: the layout is beautiful, there is not too much text, and the images follow the text perfectly. The children in the book look animal-like, there´s something with the position of the eyes so far apart that do it. And they all look like they are about to cry any minute, the eyes are kind of flowing over.

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