fredag 11 november 2011

Something to draw for art class

Since I left facebook my reader stats have dropped, BUT I have gotten visitors who are really interested in the issues I write about. Or so I thought. Here´s the google search keywords for this week. I especially like the last one on the list. I really, really hope I could help you. Some day I will prepare some draw by numbers printouts for you, promise!

This week I have been on and off drawing a coffee label for a Christmas coffee. It became quite nice, I will post some pictures when my wonderful coffee lady has the packages ready in her store. To get in the right mood I have been humming on Ave Maria until I got almost crazy (also in public transportation, sorry all co-passengers). Back home I listened to Nina Hagen´s german version. It´s completely eighties, and it has harp sounds in the background, but it gives me the chills. Definitely better than my Helsinki metro version.

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