torsdag 8 december 2011

Books for Christmas

Ice skating rink. My big x-mas project, for presenting Hbl:s christmas book recommendations on, is done. I painted the rink and forest on a separate paper, and lots of recognizable figures from literature (and well, comic books). Then I put it all together in Photoshop. I chose a simple palette of just three colours for the characters, green (in different shades), red and ochre. It was difficult to stick to the palette, so to create Anne of Greengables (top right) and Tintins (bottom, middelish) hair, I had to use orange. This is how I worked, I added one colour at a time to all the characters I had drawn in pencil on white paper (it was thick enough not to bubble so I didn´t have to stretch):

There´s more to come: the music recommendations. So in addition to the literature characters, I´ve prepared artists as well. Can you find Pavarotti and Amy Winehouse in the picture above?

And while I was at it, just for my own pleasure, I tried out an animation where the devil meets Anna Karenina. Sil vous plait.

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