tisdag 28 februari 2012

Tiny paintings

Oh what fun. Making doll house framed paintings is more fun than I thought possible. It´s fast, you can use whatever leftover piece of paper and you se the result immediately. If something goes wrong, you don´t lose ten hours of work (like with my larger works). First I used the frames to draw a box on paper, then used pencil to draw some simple lines of what I wanted the painting to be.

Then I used gouache to paint. I didn´t even need to stretch the paper because I didn´t use that much water, and the paper didn´t curl.

Here, done! I don´t have round frames of wood, so I made this one out of thick paper glued together (three layers alltoghether).

And here, glued to the wall.

 And look, I have a door! But I haven´t found the rug yet.

måndag 27 februari 2012

Out of a box

My gallery. I have been looking for a perfect dollhouse for a mini gallery for some time, but the good looking ones were too expensive and the cheap ones were plastic, ugly or both. At Moderna museet in Stockholm I found this balsa tree box in the museum shop for around 400 Swedish krowns. It´s made by the danish company nomess. It´s simple, light and has a soft surface that you can paint. (Does anyone know if I should use a fixative when painting with gouache on balsa???) It has a lid, so my plan is I can easily transport it or even send it by mail (if I glue everything really good to the walls and floor...) First the box is travelling to Miniland in Vichtis, the place where I got the idea. I don´t know when it will happen, maybe this summer, maybe later. Miniland a heaven for people who like dollhouses and miniature racing cars. There everything is tiny, and I thought it would be a good place to exhibit, while I´m very, very scared of taking that step. This would be a way to do it i smyg, secretly, like Lotta in Astrid Lindgrens book Visst kan Lotta cykla.

I´m building a child´s room with a window (the blank spot) and paintings on the walls (one is ready, it´s leaning the wall. The model is a painting I have made for a project. The difficult part will be to paint details inside the box. It would have been easier if I could take the box apart, but I´m afraid it wouldn´t look that good after the operation. The coffee cup in the picture is maybe 2 cm across, so it´s way too big for this box. It´s just there to give perspective. The wooden paintable dollhouse frame is from Miniland. One thing bugs me. A few weeks ago I bought a perfect rug for the room at Riimikko in Old Porvoo. And now I can´t find it anywhere. So now I have to clean the place to find the missing 3x5 cm rug. It looks just like the one I have in the painting:

So if you have seen it, please tell me...

tisdag 21 februari 2012

Quote of the day

Kate Beaton answers the question How do I learn to get better at drawing? on her blog:
"You do this by drawing, drawing, drawing, drawing, drawing.  You don’t need a special pen or paper, you don’t need a desk by a window overlooking a pastoral scene, you don’t even need to take classes, you just draw draw draw draw draw every day until you’re amazing at it. "

Hear, hear. But I wouldn´t mind to have that window and the pastoral scene...

måndag 20 februari 2012

In the army now

Army gear for infants. This is a Monday illustration on recent army debate in Finland.

tisdag 14 februari 2012

Look what I found! Around ten years ago I helped my friend Kaisa Koskinen out with some drawings for a summer  play at Vantaan näyttämö. I´t called Piilomaan Pikku aasi (The little donkey of the hidden land, my translation), adapted from a book by Lea Pennanen. The book is a classic for kids who grew up in the 1980´s Finland, and it was a challenge for me to create a character who doesn´t look like the one book. A bit Moomin-like now when I look at it. This map was in the program.

söndag 5 februari 2012

Why children shouldn´t vote

"He should be the president", my fiveyearold says and points at one of the two candidates.
"Why", I ask.
"Because his tie has the biggest dots".

A reason as god as any? I can just imagine the tv debates if the size of dots on garments was an issue to consider.