tisdag 28 februari 2012

Tiny paintings

Oh what fun. Making doll house framed paintings is more fun than I thought possible. It´s fast, you can use whatever leftover piece of paper and you se the result immediately. If something goes wrong, you don´t lose ten hours of work (like with my larger works). First I used the frames to draw a box on paper, then used pencil to draw some simple lines of what I wanted the painting to be.

Then I used gouache to paint. I didn´t even need to stretch the paper because I didn´t use that much water, and the paper didn´t curl.

Here, done! I don´t have round frames of wood, so I made this one out of thick paper glued together (three layers alltoghether).

And here, glued to the wall.

 And look, I have a door! But I haven´t found the rug yet.

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