måndag 26 mars 2012

Skills are not needed anymore

Look, I made a self portrait! Only I didn´t do it myself, I used scribbler.

Functional design

Be careful where you sit. Last weeks big thing in domestic politics in Finland was the question wether it was political or not of the minister of defense Stefan Wallin to save the swedish brigade in Tammisaari. He was attacked from several parties accusing him for language politics in this defense matter. This is the ministers imaginary chair.

söndag 25 mars 2012

About not having a lot

Wrong kind of bike. Remember how important material things were when you were a teenager? This is an illustration for an essay on money and childhood, about how it feels when you realize you will not get that hot multi gear mountain bike, about the urge to have what everyone else has, and about the feeling you get when you eventually have a little more money than usual, and you feel like you own the place, knowing you can buy really unnecessary things just for your pleasure. But you don´t. Because you remember how it was. It´s Andrea Svanbäck´s essay, published in Hbl today, and included in a book released next week. I read the book already, and it´s a page turner.

I wanted to make the old stupid bike the girl in the picture resents really nice. When you want something else badly you don´t see what you have.

fredag 23 mars 2012

The box has inhabitants!

I got help. Yesterday, without me asking for it or nagging about it, my husband came home with thin layers of balsa wood, a jigsaw and special glue. Patiently he started working, and in time for the evening news he had made a bed for the box.
Now all I need is linen for the bed, a small pillow. And the rug, it´s still missing! The dolls are flea market finds made by my mother, who works with old textiles. She made the crotchet hats and the dresses for the dolls (of a handkerchief!) One little problem is that the bigger doll i way too big. But maybe it´s not a problem, it just makes the dollhouse effect better. She fits in the bed, but looks like a giant in it.

Do you see the light? I took photos of the box on our balcony at around 8 a.m. this morning, and the spring light is just aah, so bright. Note to self: I have to start preparing plants for the allotment.

lördag 17 mars 2012

Scary fairytales

Monster, dragon and bear. These nice little friends illustrate an article on scary fairytales in Hbl today. I didn´t have time to mess around with paints, so these are drawn in pencil, scanned, and colored in Photoshop.

torsdag 15 mars 2012

More for me

No, Robin, that´s the wrong way! This is a Monday illustration, on a recent bonus debate at Finnair. At the same time when the cabin crew were accepting lower income to save the company from going under (or so they thought), several bosses were payed extra bonuses worth up to one year´s salary not to quit their jobs. I got the idea of Robin Hood going mental, taking from the poor and giving to the rich. I know, maybe not the most original idea. Better luck next time.