söndag 25 mars 2012

About not having a lot

Wrong kind of bike. Remember how important material things were when you were a teenager? This is an illustration for an essay on money and childhood, about how it feels when you realize you will not get that hot multi gear mountain bike, about the urge to have what everyone else has, and about the feeling you get when you eventually have a little more money than usual, and you feel like you own the place, knowing you can buy really unnecessary things just for your pleasure. But you don´t. Because you remember how it was. It´s Andrea Svanbäck´s essay, published in Hbl today, and included in a book released next week. I read the book already, and it´s a page turner.

I wanted to make the old stupid bike the girl in the picture resents really nice. When you want something else badly you don´t see what you have.

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