fredag 23 mars 2012

The box has inhabitants!

I got help. Yesterday, without me asking for it or nagging about it, my husband came home with thin layers of balsa wood, a jigsaw and special glue. Patiently he started working, and in time for the evening news he had made a bed for the box.
Now all I need is linen for the bed, a small pillow. And the rug, it´s still missing! The dolls are flea market finds made by my mother, who works with old textiles. She made the crotchet hats and the dresses for the dolls (of a handkerchief!) One little problem is that the bigger doll i way too big. But maybe it´s not a problem, it just makes the dollhouse effect better. She fits in the bed, but looks like a giant in it.

Do you see the light? I took photos of the box on our balcony at around 8 a.m. this morning, and the spring light is just aah, so bright. Note to self: I have to start preparing plants for the allotment.

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