tisdag 17 april 2012

I found the rug!

Almost done. The box and its inhabitants is almost done. I have some painting to do (the wall on the right hand side is going to be a forest) and the toy chest has to be white. In may the box will travel to Vihti miniland and be exhibited there for the summer.

Notice the rug: I finally found it!

The bed, chest and the chair are from miniland. The workshop there last Saturday was really nice. I expected adult dollhouse creators, but got a really nice bunch of 8-12-yearold girls and a few adults instead. I must say the girls made super nice paintings for their own doll houses; horses, tractors, flowers, abstract colour compositions... (Tytöt, jos haluatte voitte lähettää sähköpostitse valokuvia hienoista tauluistanne, niin pistän ne tänne!)

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